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Family Album Archives Services owner Anthony Troncale has over 25 years experience in handling archival materials for museums and libraries in New York City.

Anthony is now providing his expertise to you to get your treasured family albums, letters, and film archives digitally converted NOW before any further deterioration or other incident occurs to the originals. Let us help you enhance the quality of your family photographs and give you the means to share them with family and friends on the internet! FAAS has state of the art digital camera technology (Phase One/Canon systems) that meets or exceeds the National Archives and Records Administrations technical standards for digital conversion of photographs and other two-dimensional objects. We also offer high quality film and tape transfer to HD video. All our work is guaranteed.

FAAS understands that your family archives, whether its photo albums, letters, scrapbooks or other ephemera like medals, plaques or trophies are precious to you. FAAS offers both on-site work in your home or office, within the NY-NJ-CT-PA seaboard region and door-to-door courier service shipments from anywhere in the world to our secure Seventh Avenue address in New York City. All of our projects are unique. Each client requires special handling or security considerations. Please answer this short questionnaire and we will provide you with a project analysis report. As with all our clients, discretion can be counted upon at all times from FAAS and its affiliates.

Other advantages of getting your family papers and archives digitally converted:

  • Genealogical research
  • Presentations and gifts (digital surrogate photo albums printed on rag paper and hand bound)
  • Preservation treatments such as inserting acid free slip sheets btw album pages. Before and after we digitize the materials.
  • Conservation treatment - FAAS can refer you to an AIC licensed paper/photo conservator if the materials require treatment.
  • Insurance documentation - family heirlooms and medals, trophies, plaques and sculptures and other 3-d objects.

    Digital conversion of photos, letters and scrapbooks materials requires a solid understanding of the proper handling and staging of the materials to prevent damage to the originals. For instance, many brittle objects may get damaged simply by flipping it over onto a flatbed scanner. Also, most items are just too big or bulky for flatbeds. The solution is overhead copy photography using high-resolution digital cameras that can capture items up to 30 x 40 in.

    FAAS will deliver to you high-resolution uncompressed digital images and/or HD digital video on a portable hard drive, plus another set of lower-resolution JPG files on DVD for use on the internet and for emailing to your friends and family. We can also arrange for a preservation copy to be stored on the internet as a backup.

    Post Scanning Custom Services

  • Hand-made photo albums as gifts or as presentation products.
  • Back up storage on the internet (Cloud).
  • Digital restoration of image including retouching, spotting.
  • One to one reproduction of the originals or in sizes up to 30 x 40 in. format.
  • Descriptive (Metadata) input for collection browsers.

    Family Album Archive Services
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