Family Album Archive Services

Cut and Paste Field Questionnaire

CUT and PASTE the below questions into an email to Anthony Troncale
He will reply with a feasibility assessment based on your answers and perhaps some follow-up questions about your archive. We keep all our email private and do not market any information to outside entities. Thank you for your interest in Family Album Archive Services!

  • Is the whole collection from one source such as a family member? ________________________________________
  • How many total volumes of bound items such as books, reports, and albums are there? ____________________________________________
  • How many individual sheets of paper or photographs are there which are loose or unbound? ______________________________________________________
  • Are there any large format items like maps, drawings, paintings? _______________________________________________________________
  • What is the approximate size of the largest item you have? _______________________________________________
  • What would you say is the overall condition of the whole collection? _ Poor _ Average _ Good _ Excellent _ Don't know
  • Are there scrapbooks or other chronologically oriented items in the collection? _____________
  • Are you willing to ship some or all of the collection to FAAS offices at 140 Seventh Ave. Suite 3C, NY NY 10011? _____________
  • If not, would you prefer to have the collection digitally photographed at a business, office or residence predetermined by you? ______________

    Name: ______________________________________________________________

    Address __________________________________________ ______ ________________

    Email: _________________________________________________

    Phone: Ofc: _____________________________________ Cell: _____________________________________

    Preferred Contact:

    Family Album Archive Services
    140 Seventh Avenue Suite #3C
    New York, NY 10011
    646-645-7947 ofc

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